About Us

When I reflect on who my greatest motivator and supporter in life has been, I would have to dedicate that title to my mother. Growing up, she consistently encouraged me to never give up and to always follow my dreams and passions. My mom saw me struggle a bit at the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur, and she assisted me by allowing me to live with her at a low cost. She insisted I invest my extra money into my growing business and, because of her, I was able to become a successful entrepreneur. I never forgot her kindness, and now I am giving back by establishing a nonprofit organization called “The Baby Pantry”.

The Baby Pantry was founded to help mothers in need by providing them the necessities for their newborn children. After the birth of my first child, I got a taste of how it felt to face the difficult challenge of financially supporting a child. Later, I assisted another young mother who was going through a tough time after giving birth. As such, The Baby Pantry was designed and implemented to address a great need within the community. Women, young and mature, often find themselves in a vulnerable position after giving birth where they need assistance in providing the essentials for their children. Here at The Baby Pantry, we are dedicated to fully clothing and feeding at risk children.

It is my goal to eliminate poverty within our communities by offering thorough and committed programs as a resource to help parents in raising healthier families. When I am away from work, I enjoy relaxing by exercising, traveling, and just relishing in the life of being a mother. Even when I am not in the office, I consistently find myself researching new ways to help the women and children in our community. It is my goal to leave the world a better place than what I found it, and I am determined to establish helpful programs to do just that.

Founder, Chlorey Campbell

We invite you to Contact Us for more information about The Baby Pantry and our goals to end poverty within the community. Our team firmly believes that it truly “takes a village” to raise children and enact great changes, and we welcome you to our cause! Click here for more information on how to become a part of The Baby Pantry team by volunteering, donating, or sponsoring.