Caring For Mommy Kit.

Here at The Baby Pantry, we take the saying “Happy Mom, Happy Life” seriously! The Caring for Mommy Kit Project was created to offer much-needed pampering to mommies with a “Caring Kit”. The Care Kits are special gifts containing many healthy, fun and relaxing items such as belly butter, pregnancy bath salt, mother’s milk herbal tea, mommy-to-be bracelet, apple-pecan soap bar, exfoliating loofah sponge, and pregnancy massage oil. Other relaxing items will be included in the Care Kits as the ideas come to us! The kits are not limited to the first six items and can be subject to change as new products are donated and accepted by the organization. The Baby Pantry leadership team believes that mommies need and greatly deserve loving attention and TLC. The Caring for Mommy Kit Project offers those special moments to mommies participating in any of our programs, projects or events. It is projected that there will be zero (0) cost to the organization due to fact that all items for the kits will be donated by vendor and store sponsors, organization supporters, and other loyal donors of the project.

Note: Caring for Mommy Kits are for expectant Mama’s ONLY. Must be in 3rd trimester to be eligible for a kit.

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Are You Passionate About TLC?

Although The Baby Pantry is dedicated to providing healthy support to the at-risk babies in our community, we realize that the mommies deserve some TLC, too! What better way to show the new mothers in our community that we care than to provide them with a Caring Kit to help them relax and feel confident? If your heart feels compelled to make others feel good in their own skin, this is the cause for you! A Caring For Mommy Kit is $45.  To sponsor a Caring for Mommy Kit chose a payment method below.